Bricktrade partners with Blocksquare to tokenize real estate

2 min readNov 9, 2022
The partnership will allow Bricktrade to break down a single property into 100,000 tokens and enable investors to own fractional shares of the token’s underlying property.

Bricktrade, a U.K.-based company focusing on real estate tokenization, announced today that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Blocksquare.

Blocksquare is a tokenization company specializing in real estate, developing turnkey solutions that enable users to manage the process of tokenization.

The partnership is set to enable Bricktrade to make property investing available to the masses. Guv Kang, the CEO of Bricktrade and an experienced realtor, told CryptoSlate that Blocksquare will help the company lower the barrier to entry into the real estate market.

“The team is eager to start working with Blocksquare to bring affordable real estate investment to all.

We strongly believe this partnership will play a pivotal role in not only the creation but also the introduction of Bricktrade to the correct audience.

Bricktrade was built with consumers in mind and we are on a mission to solve some of the largest challenges faced by consumers in today’s economy. From rising inflation to reduced purchasing power, we trust our partnership with Blocksquare will help us achieve just that.”

Makram Hani, the COO of Blocksquare, said that the company was excited to expand to a new country. Hani noted that the U.K. is currently one of the most interesting real estate markets in the world and its current presence in Europe will serve as a jumping board.

The partnership will enable Bricktrade to break down a single property into 100,000 tokens. Any property can be both partly and fully tokenized in a transparent and standardized process. This kind of tokenization will enable investors to own fractional shares of a token’s underlying asset, without the need to purchase or manage the property as a whole.

Real-estate tokenization also provides investors with the chance to obtain liquid funds, quickly and significantly reducing illiquidity costs

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