As 2021 comes to a close, the Bricktrade team is feeling grateful for all we have managed to achieve this year, and excited about the arrival of 2022 and all the opportunity it will bring with it as we continue to grow.

We recently did an AMA with for the Launchpool community so they can learn more about Bricktrade and the companies vision to revolutionise property investment

Can you please tell us a bit more yourselves?

- Hi I am Guv Kang, Founder and CEO of Bricktrade. I have more than 15…

Go back to the early 20th century and most working-class, and even middle class, people didn’t own their homes; they were rented, usually from a wealthy landowner. Present-day, although many more of us own our homes, albeit with a mortgage, property wealth belongs to people over the age of 65.


Bricktrade uses blockchain tech to provide high quality asset backed property investments

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